Baby Shower Gift Guide: Bathtime

Here’s the next part of my baby shower gift guide, based on my first ~1.5 years as a mom.

Today’s theme is bathtime. Here’s all my favorites:

baby shower gift guide bathtime

Bath Towel & Wash Cloth Sets

Hooded bath towels for babies are one of my favorite things in the world. They are just so cute. I have given and received many different kinds of bath towels over the years. It is so tempting to register for the cheap sets at the big baby stores. DON’T DO IT! And if your friend does it, DON’T BUY THEM FOR HER.  They really are terrible.  My husband was in charge of bathtime when Mia was a baby, and one day he finally told me we needed new towels. Ours were terrible: thin, small, not very absorbent.  So I went on a search for new ones, and can say with confidence that my favorite towel on the market is by Aden & Anais. And I love that they are big enough that she’ll use them for several years.

I also like the towels from Pottery Barn Kids, and think a monogrammed one makes a great gift.

Shampoo & Lotion

Bottles of shampoo and lotion are the perfect add-on to a shower gift. My favorites are these by California Baby.

Rubber Ducky

This isn’t just any rubber ducky. It has a heat sensor on the bottom that will indicate if the water is too hot. I had no idea these even existed, but someone gave me one as a shower gift and I loved it when she was little. You have so many worries about temperature and such, that one more reminder is great.  Another nice add-on to a nice bathtime themed gift.


I love this tub.  When they are small you place them in a sling and use it over the kitchen sink. When they get bigger you remove the sling and place it in the bathtub. I like this model because we are still using it over a year later. Yes, she could go in the big bathtub, but she fits in this guy still and it allows us to use much less water. We are green, and she is clean — win, win!

See my last post for all the goods related to sleep.

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