Baby Shower Gift Guide: Sleep

Like all new-ish moms, I feel the need to share my opinions on baby products. I was hungry for any advice before I had my daughter, and now I want to put my 2 cents in for anyone who is interested.

Since this is a party blog, and not really a mommy blog, I decided to make a baby shower gift guide. Ideas for what to give your expecting friends or family.

Its so funny how after you have a baby, the way you give a shower gift completely changes. You realize that the adorable and expensive dress or sweater isn’t very practical. You want to give something that you found helpful. So I’m going to do a little series on items I have found helpful for us, and maybe you’ll get an idea for what to give at the next shower you attend. (Or maybe you’ll use some of these ideas to build your own registry).

(Note: For the record, I loved every single one of the adorable, expensive dresses I received at my baby shower!)

Since I think themed gifts are fun, I’m going to highlight products based on their theme. Starting with (arguably, the most important topic for any new mom): Sleep!

 baby shower gift guide sleep


One of the main things discussed in mommy circles for establishing good sleep habits is a bedtime routine. Books are often the key feature of this routine. And by definition, you are reading the some book over and over and over again. The baby associates it with snuggles and settling down for bed, and you just keep reading it over and over and over. :) My point here is that you need a book that you enjoy since you’ll be spending so much time with it.

My favorite children’s author  is Sandra Boynton. And luckily she has several appropriate bedtime books available.

Snoozers, The Going to Bed Book, and Pajama Time are all fabulous.

Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are safer than blankets for babies. We tried several and this one by Baby Deedee is my absolute favorite. We have both thin and thicker versions for differnet seasons. This is perfect for the baby who is old enough to not need to be swaddled at night.  My favorite features are that snaps at the shoulders, which makes it much easier to get on a sleeping baby without disturbing them (You can’t always predict when they are going to fall asleep!). I also love the glow in the dark zipper.  Mia has been in her medium sized one since she was 3 months old, and she is still wearing it well past her 1st birthday. That is money well spent!

White Noise Machine

This thing is so so so important. I originally registered for a stuffed animal with a white noise feature that attached to the side of her crib. The problem was it only played for 45 minutes at a time. And it only took batteries. I finally figured out how important it was to have white noise that went all night without interruption. And one that could plug in! No more changing batteries in the middle of the night! We started using white noise from the time she came home from the hospital and I really think it helps her fall and stay asleep. We bring it with us wherever we go to help with the transition of sleeping somewhere new.

This is ours, though there are many models that would work just fine.

Seriously, don’t bother with the stuffed animal ones. You can get an app on your phone for portable white noise that is just as good. (Though not as cute).


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