Baby Shower Gift Guide: Toys

I’m back today with more baby shower gift ideas!

There were some of Mia’s favorite toys during her first year of life. These are all a nice add-on gift for a baby shower.

baby shower gift guide toys

Squishy Ball

The squishy ball is a must-have for baby. This version is from Amazon, but anything similar will do. All the babies I know love this thing. Its the perfect toy for when they just figure out how to hold onto something. Its so cute to watch them hold and stare at it. This was the first toy that Mia really held by herself. This is exciting stuff for a new mom. :)

Lamaze On the Go Toys

There are many different varieties of these crazy stuffed animals, and after all the time I’ve spent with babies in the last year, I am convinced that all babies love these things. The variety of colors and textures must be the key, but whatever it is, I’m a firm believer that these are a must-have. Plus they have super cute names: Jacques the Peacock, Freddie the Firelfy, Mortimer the Moose, etc.

Plastic rings

These plastic rings are a hidden gem to the new mom. They were fascinating to Mia when she was starting to grip things. But I primarily used them to hang different toys off car infant carseat. These a the perfect item to tuck into a shower gift. She’ll thank you later.


Yes, I think this plastic giraffe is over-priced. But babies really do love this thing. Its a great shower gift.

Stacking Rings and Shape Sorter

These two colorful toys are from my favorite spot to buy toys: Ikea. Who knew how fabulous the selection of toys was at Ikea? I always breezed past that section before I had a baby. Now I head right for it. The stacking rings and shape sorter two were a few of Mia’s favorites over this past year. They are examples of free-range toys, which are recommended for development: simple and basic toys that encourage imagination. I love them because they are durable and cheap.

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