Bachelorette Party Basics

I have attended, or helped to throw, many many bachelorette parties.  And they’ve been pretty darn fun if you ask me.  I’ve gotten it down to a science at this point.
My latest Tablespoon post was full of ideas and recipes for throwing one.
Check it out here.
The perfect bachelorette party has a few key elements. These can be tailored to any group of girls…adjust this list to an at-home party vs a night out on the town, a nonalcoholic party vs a boozy bash, etc. 
Here is my recipe for the perfect bachelorette party:
1. Fun food and drinks
Millions of appetizer and drink recipes here. Great place to start your planning.
2. Something fun for the bachelorette to wear
You want her to stand out!  My favorite simple, non-embarrassing ensemble involves a feather boa & tiara. 
Though you can go the traditional route and have her don a veil.  (We decorated this one with some colorful fabric flowers.)
Or an embarrassing handmade t-shirt. 😉 (All in good fun of course!) 
3. A little game
This post explains my favorite bachelorette party game. 
4. Dancing!
5. Party Favors
My favorite? Ring Pops! Fun and easy.
And that’s it!
Here’s 2 bachelorette parties I’ve shared here in the past that had all the necessary elements: (check them out if you haven’t seen them already!)
Since I’ve been all about disclosure lately… here’s a picture from own (a million years ago).
Yes, my friends made me wear this embarrassing shirt around Las Vegas.  (I cannot believe I am sharing this!)
Happy Friday Everyone! 


  1. There is no end to how you can decorate a place with balloons.

  2. I love your embarrassing shirt!! :)

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  4. Sending out each bachelorette party invitation personally for this kind of celebration helps it become more memorable.

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