DIY Idea: Easy Wreath

If you have some extra time (if you do, please share! ha!) before the holiday…I have a quick DIY for ya.  Seriously the easiest craft I’ve ever attempted.

Lindsay and I set out to make some wreaths. We saw several of this style on Pinterest, and then added some of our own embellishments.  Mine is on the front door; Lindsay’s is over a mirror above her mantle. easy diy wreath

To make this beauty, you need a standard wire wreath frame and burlap ribbon with wire…like this:

diy holiday wreath burlap

There are essentially 2 steps.  You start by wrapping one end of the ribbon around the wire frame. The go around poking through from the back to the front. diy burlap wreath how to

And the fluffing the part you pull through.

burlap wreath christmas how to

Continue poking through and puffing as you work your way around the wreath.

burlap wreathSquish the little puffs of burlap together as you go.

And that is it! Seriously easy!

You can embellish with just about anything…any kind of flowers or berries from the craft store.

Lindsay and I decided to make holy and berries for ours. holy and berries wreath diyWe cut some holy leaves out of felt, stitched them together with embroidery thread, stuffed them with a little fiber-fill.  We attached them with a combo of stitches and hot glue gun, along with some big red “berries” from the craft store.

Ta da!

easy diy wreath how to tutorialMerry, Merry! xoxo

DIY Idea: Magnet & Pin Boards

We recently purchased a new computer desk. Its the armoire-looking-type where you can swing the doors closed to hide clutter.  I was excited to have the doors as a place to keep important paperwork, receipts, schedules, etc. But also to display cute birth announcements and invitations.
Originally I bought some simple cork board squares from the office supply store and stuck them up inside the doors. They served their purpose, but certainly were ugly.
 The before — yuck!
When I realized that the desk doors are usually left open (so much for hiding the clutter!), I decided we needed to pretty this space up ASAP, and set out to make some magnet boards.
It was a little challenging because the doors are long and narrow.  Not the size where I could use any a standard frame.  I bought a few frames I thought would work and they ended up being too wide.
And then we found these at Michaels:
Perfect! Create-a-Frame sets that let us customize the size of the frames! (They were on sale too – score!) We purchased enough pieces to make two 12″ x 24″ frames for each of the two doors.
My husband used a little muscle and glue to get them together.
And then we painted them with primer, and a coat of green paint that matched our bedspread.
We found sheets of sheet metal at Home Depot that were 12″ x 24″ and secured them into the frames. I covered them with burlap first, to make them pretty. :)
I love the way they turned out! So much better now, I don’t mind when the doors are left open.
I made some fun magnets by gluing buttons onto magnets from the craft store.  It took about 5 minutes, and they look great.
A little close-up of a couple of the magnets. 
I used some of the left over cork boards to make a pin board for Mia’s nursery.
I used my paper cutter to cut cork pieces to fit onto the backing of a big frame from Ikea, and then glued them into place.
I covered the whole thing with some extra nursery fabric.
Now she has a fun pin board above her crib.  Yay!
Next project? Some cute pins for her board!

DIY Idea: Cereal Box Notebook

I’m sharing an idea for an easy-peasy craft for Earth Day over at Tablespoon.
Check it out, won’t you?

DIY Idea: Plaid Coasters

Every year I like to make something homemade to give at Christmas.  
(Here‘s a post about the pesto I made 2 years ago. And here‘s a post about the apple butter I made last year. )
This year I made coasters. 

And they were surprisingly quick & easy. Here’s the DIY instructions: 

Supplies needed: 
Cork boards
Felt in 2 colors
Tacky Glue
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat

 1.  Cut cork boards into 4 inch squares using rotary cutter and cutting mat.  

2.  Cut 1 inch x 5 inch strips of felt.   Cut 4 strips of 2 colors. 

3.  Starting in the corner, glue the strips in place. Overlap each strip to make a plaid pattern with the alternating colors.  Put glue between each layer.

4. When all the strips have been glued into place, turn the coaster over. Use the rotary cutter to cut the excess felt around the sides. 
5. Ta-da! 

I made a few different sets with different colors of felt — and forgot to take pictures!
They were quite cute when tied up with bow — which I also forgot to take pictures of. 
If I wasn’t a busy, sleep deprived new mom, I would have paired them with a bottle of wine or some coffee…but alas that did not happen this year.  

DIY Idea: Holiday Wreath & an Introduction

Introducing: Mia Danielle
Born on Thanksgiving day…we are so thankful!
What a crazy whirlwind these last couple weeks have been.
I won’t leave you completely hanging while I’m in baby land though…
Here’s a fun idea for a DIY wreath! This one is super easy — even a brand new mom can do it!

Check out all the details here.