Real Party: Vroom, vroom! Dylan is 2!

My friend Leslie’s son turned 2 recently. He is obsessed with cars, so it was easy to decide on the theme for his party. Leslie held the party at one of our favorite local play spaces. She kept the decorations pretty simple, but it was definitely a homage to his current passion.

2nd birthday carsLeslie found the most adorable car fabric, which I used to made Dylan this cute shirt to wear.

car birthdy party shirt

Dapper little host. ;)

The kids had free reign to explore the giant indoor play structure.

dylans 2 bday

And by “kids” I mean the adults too! I swear I love this place as much as Mia does!

How awesome is this slide?

After all the kiddos and adults were thoroughly worn out, we headed into the party room for pizza and cake.

car party table set up

Leslie’s genius idea was to use chalkboard paper instead of tablecloths.  Leslie, Lindsay and I got together one afternoon to transform the paper into roads. We used white tape for the center lines, and the drew car and truck outlines up and down both sides.

car party table decorations

Leslie scattered mini traffic cones, and road signs up and down the road.  We used this printable set to make the road signs.

party favors car party

Each kid had one of these cars waiting for them as their party favor.

car party 2nd birthday decorations

We also used chalkboard paper and printable road signs to cover the giant 2.

(The 2 has been used at 4 parties so far, getting appropriate make-overs for each one. You saw it here first. We are all about reduce-reuse-recycle apparently!)

Drea made one of her signature mini layered cakes for Dylan.

car party birthday cake

And all the other kiddos enjoyed cupcakes.

cupcake eatersThe cupcakes were a big hit.  :)

dylan bday cakeHappy Happy Birthday Dylan!

And just for fun…here’s one more video of my Mia’s favorite slide:

How did we get here? Take a trip down memory lane:

Dylan’s first birthday party is here.

Dylan’s sip & see is here.

Leslie’s baby shower is here.

Leslie’s wedding is here.

And lastly, vendors:

Venue: La Petite Play

Party favor cars and mini cones: Oriental Trading

Photography: Linsday Little

Real Party: Bubble Bash!

bubble bash cover photoThese 2 cuties were born one day apart, down the hall from each other at the same hospital. So of course they had to share a birthday party.

(They actually shared a sort-of birthday party already. Make sure and check it out here. Its fun to see how much they’ve grown!)

My friends Johanna and Lindsay combined efforts to throw a bubble-themed party. All toddlers love bubbles, so the theme was perfect.

bubble birthday partyThe party was held in Lindsay’s backyard. She filled the trees with paper lanterns in different shades of blue.

Several friends chipped into make breakfast casseroles for the mid-morning party. Lindsay served donuts for dessert since the party was in the morning.  Lindsay and I decided we are definitely going to do donuts again. (Yes, I realize I make cupcakes for parties. But the donuts were so yummy and cute and easy!)

bubble birthday donut table

A local donut shop made several of their donuts with aqua icing. So so cute.

donuts cake stands

The donut table was really the star of the show. We raided the cake stands collection of myself and several girlfriends.  Lindsay made some simple banners to hang behind the table with cupcake papers and aqua paper circles.

2nd birthday cakesDrea made little layered cakes for each of them. Aren’t they adorable?

2nd birthday party decorationsA “2″ and the birthdays tots’ initials hung on the fence.

When Lindsay turned on the bubble machine, the kids went nuts!

mia at bubble partyI barely saw this girl the whole time.

bubble party funI had to borrow another cutie to get a picture with me. :)

In addition to the bubble machine, each child got a bubble wand.

bubble party favorsThey were a hit! (There were cute labels on them, but I didn’t get a picture.)

dylanIf you look closely you can see Dylan’s label.

bubble birthday party for boy and girlHappy kiddos!




Bubble wands: Oriental Trading

Paper lanterns:  Jade Time

Invitation and favor labels: Oh Creative One

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Real Party: Punk Rock 1st Birthday

My friend Drea’s baby girl just turned 1. (How did this happen so quickly?!) She threw a party in the park, with such a fun and creative theme.

When Drea was brainstorming a theme, she knew it somehow had to acknowledge Lily’s hair. It is legendary and has been from the moment she was born. Here’s some proof…

lily hair

For the first half of her little life, the hair stuck straight up. Now its long, beautiful little girl hair. But it was truly legendary.

When Eddie & Drea
snapped this picture of her in the bath, Drea knew right away they were going to do a punk rock theme.

lily bath

This classic bath tub photo became this amazing invitation:

punk rock party invitaiton

And now, onto the party details!

The party was held in a picnic area at a local park. Kids could run around on the adjacent playground, which was great.  Drea had lunch catered and it was delicious.

punk rock party tables

Drea covered the tables in the picnic area with plastic tablecloths.


Some punk hair extensions were available to guests as they entered the space.

punk rock party centerpieces

Centerpieces were galvanized buckets painted black stacked on a record with some cute signs stuck in them.  One featured a silhouette drawing showing “the hair” that Drea had done during this year.  So cute, and perfect for the park setting.

dessert table punk rock party

I built one of my standard displays with my favorite white shelf for the cupcakes.  Drea added monthly pictures of Lily’s first year in some black frames and hung inflatable guitars overhead.

punk rock birthday cakeDrea made Lily’s birthday cake and it served as our centerpiece.

punk rock party cupcakes


punk rock party favors

Party favors were glow sticks.  Love the tags.

punk rock 1st birthday party

Lily was the cutest little cake eater. She dug in and was concentrating very hard. So precious.

punk rock 1st birthday cake

Look at those messy little hands.

punk party girls outfit

And the adorable leggings.  I die of the cuteness.

happy bday lily

There was no official costume contest. But if there had been, the winner would have been…


…Miss Kennedy! She had no competition! Can you believe this outfit?!

me and mia

My little punk rock girl. (I was very lazy with her outfit. What can I say, I was busy baking. ha!)

Happy, Happy Birthday Lily! 

PS Welcome to the toddler years, Drea ;)



Catering: Mango Grill

Invitation: Pierre Tardif

Guitars and hair extensions: Oriental Trading

Cupcakes: Indulge

Real Party: Cowgirl’s Barnyard Bash!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was late on post Addison’s 1st birthday party! Because we just celebrated her 2nd birthday!

My friend Adrienne threw an adorable cowgirl party for Addison’s 2nd. It was a blast!

cowgirl party

the proud parents & the cutest birthday girl 

The party was held at a local farm which was packed with activities for the kids.  I helped Adrienne to set up some cute decorations, but we didn’t need much with the backdrop of this adorable farm!

cowgirl party

cowgirl party tablescape

Adrienne served a simple lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, and potato chips.

cowgirl party sheriff badges

cowgirl party bandanas

cowgirl party bandana napkins

I helped with some of the desserts:

cowgirl party cupcakes

I made red velvet cupcakes layered in mason jars, topped with bandana paper…

cowgirl party cookies

…and cowgirl cookies.

Addison’s Aunt Natalie made haystacks (I didn’t get a picture of them I guess).

cowgirl party cake

Adrienne ordered the adorable cake from a local bakery.

The kiddos (and the grown-ups) had fun with all the activities!

cowgirl party hay ride

Lindsay and I took our girls on the hayride.

cowgirl party train ride

Dan and Mia went on the train ride.

We also enjoyed the bounce house, petting zoo, and pony rides.

cowgirl party clothes

And we just strolled around enjoying the farm.

cowgirl boots

Mia’s boots were oh so cute.

A few of my favorite details:

cowgirl party guest book

The guest book: Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse. There’s a whole series of these books…adorable.

cowgirl party favors

Party favors: horses for everyone! Too cute.

Happy Happy Birthday Addison!!

cowgirl party birthday girl

I can’t believe you are already 2!


Venue: Pastorino Farm

Cake: Cake Creations

Cupcakes, cookies, food labels: Indulge Desserts

Addison’s boots: Anubee

Photography: me & Diane Cheetham

Happy Birthday Banner: Get the Party Started

Pony party favors: Horse Saddleshop

Little Monkey’s First Birthday!

I have been waiting for quite awhile to get my hands on these pictures: My friend’s Adrienne’s baby’s first birthday bash! Better late than never!  (At least I am posting this before Addison turns 2! ha!) 

Addison was obsessed with monkeys, particularly her Grandpa’s stellar monkey impression, so it was easy for Adrienne to choose the theme for her party.

monkey party dessert table

 Adrienne set up a cute dessert table as the main attraction at Addison’s pool party.

There were cupcakes, monkey cake pops, Addison’s monkey cake, banana bread, and some smaller treats: salt water taffy, brownie bites, animal cookies, and malt balls.

monkey party candy table

Creative names for some of the treats: Malt Chocolate Coconuts, Ooh Ooh Aah Aah Taffy, & Monkey Bites :)

monkey party cake

The monkey cake was my contribution to the party. Didn’t it turn out cute?

pink monkey party cake

Addison approved. :)

Adrienne also ordered a cute printable set that included custom water bottle labels and party circles.

monkey party plates napkins

Happy Birthday Cutie Addison!
monkey bday girl


Addison’s onsie: Token Blonde

Printables: Monkey Doodle Parties

Cupcakes: Sibby’s Cupcakes

Cake: Indulge

Cake Pops: Sprinkles Candy Cake Oh My!

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing her 2nd birthday in the next couple weeks!