Real Party: Princess Party!


My princess is 3.

We are not sure how we ended up with a pPrincess, but we certainly did. She only wears dresses or skirts. Loves Disney princesses.  One day she literally told me (completely out of the blue), “Mommy, pink is my life.” Well ok then. I’m not completely anti-princess, but I definitely didn’t encourage this obsession.

However, when it was time to celebrate her birthday, I pushed aside any of my own desires and threw her a pink princess party. And she loved it. Therefore, so did I. I guess that’s being a parent.

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I made simple little invites to introduce our theme: Princesses & Pancakes.

I used the crown graphic throughout the party and avoided all characters (except our special guest, of course).

princess party decorations

Waiting for guests to arrive. I had a few little tables for kiddos, which they used for eating and the craft. I hung some fans, poms, and lanterns.

princess party decor

I decorated the mantle with some tulle strung between the crown graphic.  Easy peasy.

princess party craft

I bought paper crowns and foam stickers from Michaels and the kids could design a crown when they arrived. This was a total hit, with both boys and girls.

Mia loved it so much she refused to wear the cute pink crown I had bought her for the party.

princess and pancakes party

My husband is a very good pancake maker. He made several different kinds of pancakes, and we had a little bar set up with fun toppings for the kids: strawberries, several kinds of sprinkles, whipped cream, and syrup.  It worked out well.

In the kitchen I had a breakfast casserole, fruit salad, and some cinnamon rolls for the parents.

princess party cinderella

Mia had just finished up her pancakes when her special guest arrived: Cinderella!

princess party face painting

Cinderella painted faces, made balloon animals…

princess party sing along

…did a few little magic tricks and led a little sing along.  The kids loved it. Even the boys and the kids that were a little older than the birthday girl.

princess party cupcakes

After Cinderella departed, we had cupcakes.  Mia has been talking about pink cupcakes for her birthday for months. She was quite happy. I found the little crown toppers at Michael’s on clearance.

princess birthday party

Such a big girl. (Sniff, sniff)

princess party bounce house

One other detail: we borrowed a small bounce house from some friends.  This worked out perfectly.  We set it up outside, which served to spread the party out, and gave another activity for any guests that needed a break from Princess mania inside the house. (Not everyone is obsessed with Princesses apparently).  Our Princess loves to bounce herself, and spent quite a bit of time out there too. I’m so glad we had this.


Cinderella: Fire Pixie Entertainment

Craft supplies, cupcake toppers: Michael’s

Mia’s crown: H&M

Cupcakes: Whole Foods

Real Party: Frozen 3rd Birthday

frozen party for 3 year oldMy little buddy Addison recently turned 3. Her mom, my friend Adrienne, threw an amazing Frozen themed birthday party.

It was probably one of the best days of my daughter’s life, and I imagine Addison felt the same.


Cute invites set the stage for the party.

frozen party food

I helped Adrienne with some of the party prep. I really didn’t have much do do with any of the cuteness. I helped make tent cards for the food, but it was all Adrienne’s vision.

The highlight of the party was obviously the special guests…

anna and elsa at frozen partyAnna and Elsa arrived! The girls were spellbound.

frozen party seeing elsa

Especially mine. Its hard to make her speechless, but this did it.

frozen sing along

Anna and Elsa led the little guests in a sing-along. They played with bubbles, had a snowball fight, got balloon animals.  Mia still talks about the snowball fight a few months later.

Adrienne made tutus for the little girls to wear. The cuteness was almost too much to bear.

frozen party face painting

And lastly, they did face (or arm!) painting.

frozen party favorsParty favors. Adrienne made snowflake wands and had tiaras for the girls, in addition to their tutus. She had crowns, swords and shields for the boys.

frozen birthday party

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite 3 year olds!


Invitation: Itsy Belle Studio

Cake: Cakewalk Creations

Anna and Elsa: Fire Pixie Entertainment

Addison’s baby shower

Addison’s 1st birthday

Addison’s 2nd birthday

Real Party: San Francisco baby shower


There’s a story behind this theme.

Several years ago my friend Johanna moved with her husband to Portland. (We threw her a goodbye party of course).  When they moved back a few years later they were expecting.  So her baby shower was a “made in Oregon” themed party. This was such a fun theme. The invite incorporated the iconic Portland, Oregon sign. They served trail mix as favors, served Oregon-made beers and wine, encouraged people to wear their favorite “northwest-inspired” clothing. I didn’t ever post about the party because I didn’t end up getting very many pictures. But it was so clever!

Well baby #2 is 100% California. Johanna is lifelong resident of San Francisco (minus the short stint in the Northwest), so we decided to celebrate that with this party. As a second shower, we kept it pretty small & simple.  But the details turned out very cute.

san francisco baby shower invitation

I made this simple little invite and printed it on card stock.

We had the party at a restaurant and just brought in a few things to decorate the back patio space.

san francisco baby shower banner

We originally planned to buy a few SF themed onsies from Etsy or local boutiques, but quickly scratched that plan when we saw the prices. I whipped up a few designs based on the invite, and Lindsay printed them on transfer paper and ironed them onto a few white onsies. A much more budget-friendly banner.  😉

san francisco baby shower tableWe were able to sit at one long table on the back porch. We actually brought our own napkins. They probably thought we were crazy, but Katie owns napkins that matched our color scheme perfectly, so how could we not?!

san francisco baby shower place settingsI made a menu that complimented the invitation. We gave sunglasses as party favors. The tags served as place cards.

san francisco baby shower menuI love love love this restaurant. They have to do die for bruschetta with a million flavor combinations. Its really the perfect shower food.


The restaurant let us bring in our own dessert.

Lindsay made some vanilla cupcakes, and topped them with an m & m to match our color scheme. san francisco baby shower cupcakes

Of course Katie brought her matching tray to display them on. 😉

Johanna opened gifts and we all ooh-ed and aaah-ed.

sf baby showerAnd laughed.

I harassed everyone to get them to sign the guest book.

san francisco baby shower guest book

Congrats Johanna!!

mom to be

I cannot wait to meet the new addition. And if anywhere near as cute as Liam, you are in TROUBLE! 😉

(Cutest mom-  and grandma-to-be duo ever? Yes, definitely.)

Here’s the whole crew of Aunties:

party guests

And just because I like this picture:

baby shower onsie

2013 Year in Review

Where has the time gone? I feel like we just started 2013, and just like that: its gone!

I dislike using the phrase, “I’m so busy…” It just seems like an excuse. And being busy is a good thing. But the way my life is now, blogging has taken a back seat. Its makes me sad because I love blogging.  But between a busy toddler, husband, work and family obligations, and a social life…well the blog posts have been few and far between.  Sorry about that. I decided to forgive myself and just post when I can. So thanks to those of you who still read. Glad to have you!

On that note — here’s some of the highlights of posts that I did this year. I have still managed to do some crafting and party throwing this year! (And talked friends into letting me share a few of theirs.)  Here’s my favorites to check out if you missed any:

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ice cream baby shower desserts

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little man 1st bday cake

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monkey party dessert table

Cowgirl’s Barnyard Bash

cowgirl party sheriff badges

Tropical Bridal Shower

hawaiian shower banner

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baby shower table flowers

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dessert table punk rock party

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bubble birthday donut table

Not too bad for my worst blogging year on the books! haha

Here’s to a wonderful 2014! Wishing you all creative & productive years!

Merry Christmas!

hopefully frontOur 2013 Christmas card

Merry Merry Christmas to all of my readers!