DIY Idea: Magnet & Pin Boards

We recently purchased a new computer desk. Its the armoire-looking-type where you can swing the doors closed to hide clutter.  I was excited to have the doors as a place to keep important paperwork, receipts, schedules, etc. But also to display cute birth announcements and invitations.
Originally I bought some simple cork board squares from the office supply store and stuck them up inside the doors. They served their purpose, but certainly were ugly.
 The before — yuck!
When I realized that the desk doors are usually left open (so much for hiding the clutter!), I decided we needed to pretty this space up ASAP, and set out to make some magnet boards.
It was a little challenging because the doors are long and narrow.  Not the size where I could use any a standard frame.  I bought a few frames I thought would work and they ended up being too wide.
And then we found these at Michaels:
Perfect! Create-a-Frame sets that let us customize the size of the frames! (They were on sale too – score!) We purchased enough pieces to make two 12″ x 24″ frames for each of the two doors.
My husband used a little muscle and glue to get them together.
And then we painted them with primer, and a coat of green paint that matched our bedspread.
We found sheets of sheet metal at Home Depot that were 12″ x 24″ and secured them into the frames. I covered them with burlap first, to make them pretty. :)
I love the way they turned out! So much better now, I don’t mind when the doors are left open.
I made some fun magnets by gluing buttons onto magnets from the craft store.  It took about 5 minutes, and they look great.
A little close-up of a couple of the magnets. 
I used some of the left over cork boards to make a pin board for Mia’s nursery.
I used my paper cutter to cut cork pieces to fit onto the backing of a big frame from Ikea, and then glued them into place.
I covered the whole thing with some extra nursery fabric.
Now she has a fun pin board above her crib.  Yay!
Next project? Some cute pins for her board!


  1. It is a nice & creative idea to hold your babies photo frames & other boards by pin or magnet without cover any space….
    Good Job!!

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  3. nice share..

  4. What a cute idea! I love do-it-yourself projects like this one, it is so creative! I especially love that you used the buttons magnets to keep the pictures up, I think it ties it all together. Thanks for posting!

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