DIY Idea: Plaid Coasters

Every year I like to make something homemade to give at Christmas.  
(Here‘s a post about the pesto I made 2 years ago. And here‘s a post about the apple butter I made last year. )
This year I made coasters. 

And they were surprisingly quick & easy. Here’s the DIY instructions: 

Supplies needed: 
Cork boards
Felt in 2 colors
Tacky Glue
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat

 1.  Cut cork boards into 4 inch squares using rotary cutter and cutting mat.  

2.  Cut 1 inch x 5 inch strips of felt.   Cut 4 strips of 2 colors. 

3.  Starting in the corner, glue the strips in place. Overlap each strip to make a plaid pattern with the alternating colors.  Put glue between each layer.

4. When all the strips have been glued into place, turn the coaster over. Use the rotary cutter to cut the excess felt around the sides. 
5. Ta-da! 

I made a few different sets with different colors of felt — and forgot to take pictures!
They were quite cute when tied up with bow — which I also forgot to take pictures of. 
If I wasn’t a busy, sleep deprived new mom, I would have paired them with a bottle of wine or some coffee…but alas that did not happen this year.  


  1. You are the most productive new mom EVER! Good for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys!!!

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