Little Monkey’s First Birthday!

I have been waiting for quite awhile to get my hands on these pictures: My friend’s Adrienne’s baby’s first birthday bash! Better late than never!  (At least I am posting this before Addison turns 2! ha!) 

Addison was obsessed with monkeys, particularly her Grandpa’s stellar monkey impression, so it was easy for Adrienne to choose the theme for her party.

monkey party dessert table

 Adrienne set up a cute dessert table as the main attraction at Addison’s pool party.

There were cupcakes, monkey cake pops, Addison’s monkey cake, banana bread, and some smaller treats: salt water taffy, brownie bites, animal cookies, and malt balls.

monkey party candy table

Creative names for some of the treats: Malt Chocolate Coconuts, Ooh Ooh Aah Aah Taffy, & Monkey Bites :)

monkey party cake

The monkey cake was my contribution to the party. Didn’t it turn out cute?

pink monkey party cake

Addison approved. :)

Adrienne also ordered a cute printable set that included custom water bottle labels and party circles.

monkey party plates napkins

Happy Birthday Cutie Addison!
monkey bday girl


Addison’s onsie: Token Blonde

Printables: Monkey Doodle Parties

Cupcakes: Sibby’s Cupcakes

Cake: Indulge

Cake Pops: Sprinkles Candy Cake Oh My!

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing her 2nd birthday in the next couple weeks!


  1. If your little monkey is always into mischief, a monkey birthday theme may be the perfect choice for celebrating his or her first birthday. The lighthearted monkey theme offers lots of room for creativity in choosing your decorations, cake, and birthday party activities.

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