Michael’s Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time!
I have a $30 gift card for Michael’s.  Could there be a more perfect time to hit up Michael’s?  The Halloween and fall decorations are just about to go on sale.  And the time for holiday decorations is almost here!  And its always a good time to restock crafting or baking supplies.
There are a few ways to enter (each person can enter up to 3 times):

1. Comment here: Tell us what your favorite Halloween candy is!
2. Become a follower of this blog and comment to tell me!  (if you are already a follower, just tell me that in your comment)
3. Post a link to this giveaway on your own blog and comment with a link

You can enter until midnight on October 28th.  I’ll announce the winner on October 29th. You should receive your prize just in time for the after Halloween sales!

Good Luck Readers!


  1. Love me some Michaels!!! Count me in :) on this great giveaway!!!!!!!!

  2. I am a follower! :O

  3. I want to win! I go to Michael’s about every other day with a coupon. They probably don’t like when I walk in. Ha!

  4. I am now a follower on my dashboard, but do you have a followers list on your blog?

  5. My favorite candy is candy corn.

  6. I am a follower

  7. Thanks for the 411! My favorite halloween candy is white chocolate kitkat. Not technically halloween but that seems to be the only time I buy it!

  8. What an awesome giveaway. I was in Michael’s over the weekend and was in pure heaven. There are so many things I need!! :)

  9. I love Michaels!! Pick me! Pick me!!

  10. My favorite Halloween candy…hum…I have to choose just one? Probably the mini Snickers – or anything chocolate!


  11. FYI, I have posted about your giveaway ; )

  12. I really like the “traditional” candy corn but my all time favorite halloween candy is kit kats.

  13. My favorite Halloween treat is candy corn. Thanks!

  14. I have a few. One of which is the caramels for Caramel Apples and then I also love the candy corn. Yum.

  15. I am a traditionalist…I LOVEEEEE candy corn pumpkins! As soon as they hit the stores every year my sweet husband goes and gets me a bag!!

  16. I am a follower!

  17. I would love a trip to Michael’s! Thanks for the chance!

  18. I don’t know if this counts as Halloween candy but I love to get the Snickers minis!

  19. Love M&M’s…can’t stop eating them from my jar!

  20. There is nothing better than candy corn! I LOVE candy corn and only get it one month out of the year.

  21. And I’m a follower!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Favorite Halloween candy? Candy-corn…of course! Mary Ann mdsbmiller@hotmail.com

  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh and now I’m a follower! Thanks for the great giveaway! Mary Ann

  24. My favorite Halloween candy has to be candy corn,so sweet ans yummy!

  25. My favorite is candy corn only because they are a true “halloween” candy and they are fun to decorate with too.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – no contest. Thank you!
    seavila26 at yahoo dot com

  27. Twix Bars! < -- however, I can get those anytime. Candy Corn just brings back so many great Halloween candy experiences like taking them from the candy dish at my grandmothers. Krista

  28. I don’t like candy corn so do peanut M&Ms in Halloween colors count? :)

  29. Anonymous says:

    favorite halloween candy is peanut butter kisses – mary jane’s.

  30. I love Candy corn at Halloween, but I would have to say I am really in LOVE with the assorted halloween candy bars they put out around this time… Thanks for the Giveaway

    Michelle Torres

  31. I Follow your Blog, and I really do enjoy it!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  32. Peanut Butter cups are my favorite candy year round – Halloween is just another excuse to eat some!!
    I loooooove this giveaway! So excited about it!! :)

  33. trick-or-treat sized Snickers…then I don’t feel so guilty eating them!

  34. Lindsey Brown says:

    I love reeses peanut butter cups! I don’t think I could survive without peanut butter! :)

  35. I love reeses they are the BEST!!!

  36. I just started to follow your blog. I love it!

  37. Love your blog –
    favorite candy – M & M’s

  38. Heeeey, that’s my home away from home! And I’m eyeballing some of their Christmas stems for my house. This would be perfect!

  39. Sparkel Brown says:

    My favorite candy is anything CHOCOLATE!

  40. The mini reese’s are my favorite candy for halloween.

  41. Favorite Halloween candy would have to be the little boxes of Nerds. I can’t even tell you why!

  42. My favorite candy has always been Reeses!
    bcramer485 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  43. I love Carmel candy corn~~~ YES!! I am a follower as well. And I have also recruited other friends as well and Have introduced them to the celebrations @ Home….. This is a great way to entertain with elegant, funny and very cost savy… items… LOVE, LOVE, & LOVE IT!!!

  44. I absolutely love Michaels!!! I am in the store almost everyday. My favorite Halloween candy has to be candy corn.


  45. Anonymous says:

    So I posted your lovely website info and blog info on Facebook today. I also added your site to my Google page. Watch out MARTHA….HERE COMES SANDI.

    Nice job…I’m impressed.


  46. Snack size snickers, then I freeze them unless caramel apples count. I stalk Michaels.

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