Scenes From Our Thanksgiving


We had a relaxing turkey day at home with a few family members. I used some of the free printables from the TomKat Studio. They were perfect. One of Mia’s recent art projects was showcased on the table. Seriously love this printable set. Dan was in charge of the turkey. It was our first one. […]

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Real Party: Punk Rock 1st Birthday

dessert table punk rock party

My friend Drea’s baby girl just turned 1. (How did this happen so quickly?!) She threw a party in the park, with such a fun and creative theme. When Drea was brainstorming a theme, she knew it somehow had to acknowledge Lily’s hair. It is legendary and has been from the moment she was born. […]

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Real Party: Sparkle of My Eye Baby Shower

baby shower table flowers

My friends Katie, Julie, and Leslie recently threw a baby shower for their bff Sam. Sam was expecting a girl, and they went all out with sparkles and pink when designing this celebration.  The theme of the shower was “Sparkle of my Eye.”  There are so many fun, sparkly details! The party was held in […]

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Real Party: Hawaiian Bridal Shower

hawaiian shower cupcakes

My friend Lindsay’s brother is getting married this fall. Lindsay and her mom hosted a bridal shower for Maggie this past weekend.  Because the wedding is in Hawaii the shower was Hawaiian-themed.  What a simple, sweet party they threw!  I know you’ll love the DIY touches. The shower was held at a restaurant, so Lindsay […]

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Real Party: Cowgirl’s Barnyard Bash!

cowgirl party cake

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was late on post Addison’s 1st birthday party! Because we just celebrated her 2nd birthday! My friend Adrienne threw an adorable cowgirl party for Addison’s 2nd. It was a blast! the proud parents & the cutest birthday girl  The party was held at a local farm which was […]

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