Real Party: Apple Green & Fuschia Wedding Reception — updated!

**Update: half of this post was erased somehow. (ugh!) Please read again, all the information is now updated and included!**

Last week I finally got around to sharing some pictures of my wedding from several years ago.  

Today I’ve got the rest of the pictures for you from our reception. 
We had a little table with our guest book and some photos of our parents at their own weddings near the entrance to the reception.

The centerpieces were one of my favorite things about the wedding. 
Apples were a nod to my home state — Washington — and I love the color.  We used floral picks to attach apples, and then my florist went through and added some flowers and ribbon flags.  

I was thrilled with how they turned out.  
 Green apples also decorated the buffet table. 
My husband is an avid snowboarder, and I like to ski.  We decided to name our tables after ski resorts that we have been to.  We sat people at tables that were somehow related to them, for example we sat people at resorts near where they live, or that we had vacationed to with them.  Everyone noticed this touch and really enjoyed it.  My Grandma made pink fabric squares to place under the centerpieces to give the tables a pop of color. 
My Grandma also wrapped chocolates for us and we had them sprinkled among all the tables throughout the reception. 
We saved a lot of money on the cake by ordering a plain white layer cake.  The baker just added some of the coordinating ribbon which we pulled off before serving.  
Our florist added some flowers.  
Our party favors were individually wrapped Tom’s Cookies, a famous cookie shop in San Francisco (which I think has now closed — sad!)  My wonderful friend and bridesmaid Janelle baked them all for me in the days before the wedding. 
After dinner there were sweet & funny toasts. 
And then we danced the night away! 
What a fun night!! I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Photography: Krystal Preciado
Flowers: Kathy Campisi


  1. LOVE the apple centerpiece!

  2. those are amazing!

  3. Congratulations for your baby! I was looking for inspiration for a baby shower I go to prepare for a friend and I found your blog. Good ideas!

  4. LOVE the centerpieces!!!

  5. Those apple centerpieces are a brilliant idea. Great color, edible, simple, awesome!

  6. Love the apple centerpieces. Fab job

  7. LOVE the apple centerpiece! The wedding cake also very nice, a plain white layer cake was a great idea. if have different ribbon will great for any wedding party! LOVE this idea, I can use for my wedding!

  8. Photographs are the most precious part of any ocassion.They make us to remember the whole ocassion in a minute.I too had laid emphasizes on photograph in my vedding and get a very owesome environment for photography bywedding venues

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