Real Party: "Full House" Sip & See

My friend Deb has 2 boys, which I introduced to you here and here
And now they’ve added a girl to the mix. The family is complete, with 3 Kings and 2 Queens, aka a Full House
Combining this with Deb’s love of Vegas, we had the perfect theme for her Sip & See!
We had so much fun with this theme! 
 Drea made several huge red and black party poms. 
Lindsay sewed cards together to make a long banner that we strung around the room. 
 We had several full house hands displayed on little stands throughout the room. 
(These stands have been busy lately: they were originally used at my wedding, and more recently at the pinwheel 1st birthday party).
And I made a few little signs with the new baby girl’s photo to put in my favorite Ikea frames. 
One said: “Deb & Daniel have a full house!”
The other said: “Watch out Deb, there’s a new Queen in town!” 
 I made napkin rings out of playing cards, which we displayed in embellished vases.  Lindsay found the perfect paper plates at a Diddam’s.
Lunch was simple. We had several different kinds of sandwiches. 
And we gave them fun poker-themed names! Drea made the mini card picks with a dab of glue and a toothpick. 
On the side we had chips and a few salads.  
I thought about making some kind of cute stickers to seal the bags of chips, but decided to use a playing card instead. So easy!
Desserts were Lindsay’s cherry cheesecake layered treats (stay tuned for a recipe!), and Drea’s red velvet cupcakes (aka Queen of Hearts Cupcakes). Yum Yum!
We bagged up some red licorice for party favors. Lindsay folded and punched cards to seal the bags. 
Thanks to the party crew: Lindsay, Drea, Leslie, & Jeani
And congrats to Deb on another baby. 😉
What a fun day! 
Photos by Lindsay Little and me.


  1. LOVE the theme! Adorable. Have you ever read the blog Full House? I’m sure your friend would love it – even if it’s about a set of triplet boys and a set of twin girls!

    Great party!

  2. Really fun! Great job! Kelly

  3. So adorable!! My husband is a HUGE poker lover…he would have loved this sip n’ see!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Super cute! I love the cards as napkin rings! CLEVER!

  6. I think it’s owner is a certified casino addict! Just joking. Hmmmm… It is my first time to see a party that is a card deck themed. Although it is quite great.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love love love it!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really love the theme! Everything looks great! I think the theme will be perfect for hen and stag parties too.


  9. Came across your blog looking for Casino theme ideas for a fundraising Gala I’m hosting. LOVE the folded card sealing the favor bag! I’m also off to find a DIY for those large pom poms… looks like you had a really great, beautiful party :)

  10. Thank you Nicole!
    I’d love to see pictures of what you come up with! Good luck!

  11. Did you sew the cards together using a sewing machine? Will it hurt a machine?

    • Yep, we used a sewing machine. It did not damage the machine at all, but may make it so you need to change out your needle sooner.

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