Real Party: Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday

I have a very cute birthday party to share with you! 
The party was based on the adorable chidren’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The birthday girl’s crafty mom, my friend Joanne,  did a great job tying in the brightly colored book with all the decor.  
The sweet invitations set the stage for the party.
Welcome sign at the entrance to the party. 
Joanne had cute tented cards throughout the food table with lines from the book on them. 
The cake was made by a local bakery: Cake Creations.  Adorable & yummy.  
Joanne had a little activity to keep guests occupied.  There was a caterpillar banner with a picture of Kyla from each month of her life.  
Guests were asked to put the pictures in order of her age.  It was surprisingly tough! 
There were also coloring sheets on the tables for little ones. 
Each child at the party took home the most creative party favor…They each got their own caterpillar!  The caterpillars were ordered from here.  They came with instructions and everything needed for the parent and child to see their little critters all the way through to becoming a butterfly. Isn’t that fun? 

The best part of this party? The sweetest little birthday girl ever, in her strawberry dress!

Happy Birthday Kyla! 

And thanks for the fun party Brian and Joanne!


  1. Their own Caterpillar?! That is a great favor…

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