Real Party: Moroccan Baby Shower

My friends Drea and Eddie are expecting a baby girl this fall.
If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you might remember Drea’s gorgeous wedding. Or her fun bachelorette party. Or her super stylish bridal shower.
Anyway, now its time to celebrate the new addition.
Oh Creative One created the perfect invitation to set the stage for the party. I was so happy with what she designed for us!
Isn’t it perfect?!
I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed when we settled on this theme.  Jewel tones and metallics are not my typical party looks. Most of my supplies lean more toward the rustic realm.
Amazing how a few trips to thrift stores and garage stores, some spray paint, and some borrowed signature pieces, came together so well to create this party.  I could not have been happier with how it turned out.
When guests arrived, we had appetizers and drinks out. People mingled about and we encouraged them to sign the guest book.
I purchased How the Camel Got His Hump from Amazon. I chose it because of the camel, but the colors on the cover ended up being perfect also. (I love that!)
Some gold doilies transformed an ordinary vase of flowers into a gorgeous vessel that fit our theme.
Lindsay found some yummy brightly colored sodas to serve along with white wines.
Since all of the hostesses have young babies, we had to keep the food pretty simple. We didn’t want to be cooking all morning.  I saw this post and we all knew it was the perfect solution.
Lindsay and I filled a cart with these bowls from Ikea, and we built our own salad bar.
 This was so much fun! I expected people to like it, but they all loved it! And I’m so glad we used the clear glass bowls because all the different colors of the toppings were beautiful.
Lindsay and I tossed guests’ salad with their dressing of choice in large plastic bowls and then scooped it back onto their plates.

We had seated tables for lunch.  We had alternating red & purple foil chargers over beautiful gold linens.  Lindsay and I scoured thrift stores for candle sticks in the weeks leading up to the shower.  A quick coat of spray paint to turn them old gold, and we had our centerpieces.  I also scored a huge bag of think gold hoops at a garage sale. We used them as napkin rings and sprinkled extras around the tables as well.
We also placed a large glass vessel with pita triangles and hummus on each table.
Placecards matched the invitation.

We rented a few umbrellas to scatter between seated tables.  We hung metallic bangle bracelets from the undersides of the umbrellas.  These were the one metallic thing I could find when I started hunting around my house originally! It was an easy touch.

Then it was time for gifts!

We created a cozy little area for gift opening, including large bedazzled pillows and colored glass stars.  We referred to this area as the “Moroccan Oasis.” 😉

After that healthy salad lunch, it was time to splurge!

We stuck with the “bar” theme and had a build your own sundae bar.  Featuring San Francisco’s famous handmade Mitchell’s ice cream, of course. Yum Yum!

Drea loved the headshots I did at Katie’s shower, so we did it again for hers. We encouraged people to wear their big, bright jewelry to the shower and many people did.
The star of the jewelry show was Johanna’s wrist though. It didn’t make the headshot collage, but I couldn’t leave it off completely.


Congratulations Drea!!
We cannot wait until she’s here!!!

The countdown is officially on for these two!

Thanks to the shower crew: Lindsay, Leslie, Deb, & Katie!
Printables: Oh Creative One
Party Rentals: Danny Thomas Party Rentals 
Photos by Lindsay Little


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  3. Very nice review, i like the decoration!

  4. In Morocco order of social ranking like this: man, camel, horse, dog, rat, then woman. I do not see that here.

  5. This is gorgeous! I especially love the sitting area and the salad bar…what great ideas! Also really like the doily covered vase. You really did a great job :) Hope all is well!

  6. Wow!!! The Moroccan Oasis area is so beautiful! Everything came together so well and I LOVE the idea of the head shots and the large necklaces, so awesome!

  7. Forget about the streamers and balloons. You can create an adorable ambiance for your next baby shower with inexpensive tools and very little skill.

  8. This is a great theme! So unique! Lots of fun to see. Kelly

  9. I just can say wow! This is perfect baby shower, i like those supplies and idea, everything is perfect!

  10. What a fantastic article full of helpful advice and quality images. I simply love your website and keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work!

  11. Awww so fantastic and spectacular! I love the photos and I can imagine the fun the guests and celebrants had in that celebration.

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