Real Party: Ornament Exchange

My annual ornament exchange with some of my girlfriends was today.  Janelle hosted the ladies, and though I was in another state, I never like to a miss party! :) I attended via Skype – my first time using it.  They sat “me” in the laptop at the table with them, and I didn’t have to miss out on anything! Fabulous!
I can’t wait to see my cute cupcake ornament in person!


  1. an ornament exchange party? that’s more figure-friendly than a cookie exchange party! fun!!!

  2. You have some really cute ideas! Love your site.

  3. It really reminds me of my friends, we had celebrated Christmas together last December. This really inspires me, thanks!

  4. Friendship is the greatest gift among all. Friends are unique in their very own ways. That is so cute to have a cupcake ornament party. I’m going to have that with my friends.

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